Accepted Papers

Jacky Bourgeois, Janet van der Linden, Blaine A. Price & Gerd Kortuem – Technology Probes: Experiences with Home Energy Feedback 

Robin Brewer – Increasing Participant Motivation when Conducting Interviews in Non-Traditional Home Spaces

Nicolas Hine & John Arnott – Telecare Usage Scenarios Explored Using a Dolls’ House

Jettie Hoonhout – Interfering with routines: disruptive probes to elicit underlying desires

Hee Rin Lee, Selma Šabanović & David Hakken – Cultural Design of Domestic Robots with Participatory Design

Becky Mallaband, Victoria Haines & Val Mitchell – Exploring Past Home Improvement Experiences to Develop Future Energy Saving Technologies

Marilyn McGee-Lennon, Julie Williamson & Maria Wolters – MultiMemoHome: Lessons Learned from Co-designing Home Reminder Systems with Older Users

Sarah Mennicken & Elaine M. Huang – Comment Cards, Home Sketches, and Family Personas. Eliciting Experiences with Home Technologies

Corinna Ogonowski, Benedikt Ley & Gunnar Stevens – Challenges of Long-Term User Involvement in a Living Lab

Antti Pirhonen, Jaana Parviainen & Kai Tuuri – Choreographies at Home as Objects of Design

Erika S. Poole – Interventionist Methods for Studying Technology in the Home

Stephan Schlögl, Pierrick Milhorat & Gérard Chollet – Designing, Building and Evaluating Voice User Interfaces for the Home

Dalila Szostak – The Car as a Second Home

Rayoung Yang & Mark W. Newman – A Glimpse into How People Use Novel Technology in Homes

Organisers’ Papers

Kerstin Leder Mackley, Carolina Escobar-Tello, Val Mitchell, Tracy Bhamra & Sarah Pink – Understanding Technology in the Home: Sensory Ethnography and HCI

Tim Coughlan, Michael Brown, Glyn Lawson, Richard Mortier, Robert J, Houghton, & Murray Goulden – Tailored Scenarios: A Low-Cost Online Method to Elicit Perceptions on Designs using Real Relationships

Sarah Martindale, Liz Evans, Tim Coughlan & Stuart Reeves – Understanding the Multi-Screen Household: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Rob Comber & Thomas Ploetz – Mixing methods in the Ambient Kitchen