Call for Participation

We invite you to submit a 2-4 page position paper, based on your interests and experiences with studying technology in the home. This paper should outline a method that you have used in their research, and should critically reflect on the application of this method to a study related to the home. It should then highlight the particular challenges faced, how the method used was, or could be, combined with other approaches, and how it could be further refined.

We invite contributions from researchers working in areas including, but not restricted to:

  • Ethnographic or observational studies in homes, including dormitories and shared buildings.
  • Approaches to exploring design through narratives, e.g. scenarios or user enactments
  • Prototype design and evaluation studies using field trials in homes, lab studies and smart home demonstrators built for research purposes
  • Living Lab and action research approaches to innovation related to the home
  • Automated approaches to capturing or analysing quantitative data about activities in the home
  • Application areas such as medical, assistive and e-health technologies, media and entertainment, smart appliances, smart grids, behaviour change, technologies for families, children and the elderly, home automation and many others where the home is a key context of use.
In particular, we invite submissions which explore this space from an interdisciplinary perspective, and consider how the areas above are combined in research projects. For example how ethnographic methods can be used in conjunction with creative design processes, or how qualitative understanding can be used in conjunction with quantitative data collected from sensors and logs of activity around the home.

The program committee and organisers will review these position papers based on quality, relevance and diversity. Accepted position papers will be published on this website in February 2013. Prior to the workshop, each participant will be asked to prepare a short talk based on the position paper, as a starting point on the morning of the workshop.

If a position paper is accepted, one of the authors will be expected to attend the workshop. Please note that all workshop participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the main conference. 

Submissions should use the CHI Extended Abstract template. Please email your submission as a PDF file to by January 11th 2013 by January 18th at the absolute latest. We would much appreciate submissions to arrive before the 18th, due to the short time frame for responses, which we must adhere to.