Special Issue of Interacting with Computers on Studying Technology in the Home

Call for Papers

Technology is integrating with our home lives in ever changing ways, from smart TVs, home networks, and the pervasive use of laptops and mobile devices, to home automation, energy monitoring and an Internet of Things. The significance of the home as a space for technology leads to a continual need to conduct studies around the home to build understanding. However researchers have to be conscious of the unique characteristics of homes, which place particular requirements on conducting research. There are also innovations that could radically alter how we conduct research in the home. These range from new approaches to design and ethnography, to new kinds of embedded sensors, recording technologies and analysis techniques. In many cases, research in the home necessitates interdisciplinary collaborations.

For this special issue, we invite contributions that make a strong methodological contribution to our understanding of research about home environments. Papers could, for example:

  • Analyse an innovative case study of research in the home
  • Describe and evaluate a novel approach to data collection and analysis
  • Explore an approach to cross-disciplinary interactions in a project related to the home
  • Develop a theory or framework to conceptualise the nature of, or use of, technology in the home

Topics of interest include:

  • Ethnographic or observational studies in homes, including dormitories and shared buildings.
  • Connections between technologies and relationships in the home
  • The home as a private or semi-private space, how intrusion or researcher effects can be understood or minimised.
  • Approaches to exploring designing for the home through narratives, e.g. scenarios or user enactments
  • Prototype design and evaluation studies using field trials in homes, lab studies and smart home demonstrators built for research purposes
  • Living Lab and action research approaches to innovation related to the home
  • Automated approaches to capturing or analysing quantitative data in the home
  • Application areas such as medical, assistive and e-health technologies, media and entertainment, smart appliances, smart grids, behaviour change, technologies for families, children and the elderly, home automation and others where the home is a key use context.

Submission Information

Papers should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words in length, and contain original research that is not currently published, or under consideration for publication at other venues.

In order to submit a paper for consideration, an expression of interest should be submitted by 31st of August 2013. This should provide a summary of the proposed paper in 500 – 700 words. Full paper submissions will only be invited based on an assessment of this expression of interest.

Please submit your expression of interest to studyingthehome@gmail.com on or before the 31st of August 2013. For informal enquires please contact michael.brown@nottingham.ac.uk

  • Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 31st August 2013
  • Feedback on Expressions of Interest :  7th October 2013
  • Invited Full paper submissions: 6th December 2013
  • Publication expected:  Late 2014

Further information and instructions for authors available from the Interacting with Computers website: http://iwc.oxfordjournals.org/

Special Issue Editors

  • Michael Brown (Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham)
  • Tim Coughlan (Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham)
  • Peter Tolmie (Mixed Reality Laboratory, University of Nottingham)
  • Thomas Ploetz (Culture Lab, School of Computing Science, Newcastle University)
  • Gregory Abowd (School of Interactive Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology)